13-16.05.2015 13o World Chiropractic Congress



The World Federation of Chiropractic's 13th Biennial Congress, incorporating the 2015 Annual Convention of the European Chiropractor's Union and hosted by the Hellenic Chiropractors' Association, takes place from May 13-16 2015 at the Hilton Athens Hotel in Athens.

Our company will sponsor the congress and will excibit our products during the congress' tradeshow. We will present the latest involvements of chiropractic and physiotherapy equipment.

Some of the products that will be shown are:

- DOC - Decompression of Choice

Spinal decompression system that offers true decompression by avoiding the muscle spasm with movements of the table itself, direct targeting of spinal disks, three-dimensional positioning of the spinal column.


- Ergostyle FX - Tradeflex - Trademark

Chriropractic tables with unique features and possibilities. Pivotal Health Solutions is the biggest supplier of chiropractic equipment worldwide.


- Spinal Mouse

Spinal Mouse which is a totally safe, easy to use, highly accurate imaging system for the spinal column.



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