Suzuken Kenz Cardico 306, 3 channel Electrocardiograph


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Suzuken Kenz Cardico 306 is a fully featured portable 3-channel ECG unit powered via mains and internal battery, with ergonomic, compact and lightweight design. 

Suzuken Kenz Cardico 306 embeds a large capacity memory of up to 200 examination while it can extended with external USB memory for up to 5.000 examinations, with 2Gb.

The large 5,7" monochrome STN display with touch technology can visualize all 12 leads simultaneously and is used as on-screen keyboard for patient data input and special function buttons.

Embedded USB port for connection of external memory, keyboard or for direct connection with most Epson™ inkjet printers with selectable print formats and customizable printout (ESC/P-R driver compatible printer).

Embeded LAN port for direct connection to PC via local network for data management and examination review (PC connected to the same network and with CVS-03 software installed)(CVS-03 software is optional).

Multiple options to set the analysis results with ability to print analysis report, diagnosis, comments, judgment grade, Minnesota code, recognition points with the respective waveforms and all measurements according to recognition points. 

The Suzuken Kenz Cardico 306 offers four operating modes for extended flexibility from simple examination to special analysis operations:

Auto Mode
In Auto Mode the device records the leads for a predefined duration and interprets the ECG with ability to view and/or print analysis results, comments, judgment grade, Minnesota code and measurements of all parameters. Additionally, the Suzuken Kenz Cardico 306 gives the ability for post stress test recording in up to 10 user defined intervals.

Pre-Check Mode
In Pre-Check Mode the device monitors the patient's ECG and starts recording upon the detection of arrhythmia, offering additionally all the functions of the Auto Mode.

Manual Mode
The user chooses the leads to be print, the sensitivity and the recording speed and starts/stops and changes the lead set manually.

Long-Term Mode
In Long-Term Mode offers the ability to perform "Arrhythmia Analysis" or "Autonomous Nervous System Test".
With "Arrhythmia Analysis" the device records the set lead for a user defined period and then analyses the ECG for ventricular premature contraction, supraventricular premature contraction, and atrial fibrillation. 
With "Autonomous Nervous System Test", the device records the data from the set lead for a user-defined period or number of beats and then analyses the data and gives as results RR trend, RR histogram, RR interval measurement value. 


Input Impedance: 10 MΩ or more
Leads: Standard 12 leads and Cabrera leads (Leads acquisition: Coordinate phase or Real time)
Patient Input: One patient
Common Mode Rejection: 100 dB or more
Polarization Voltage: ± 500 mV or more
Frequency Response: 0.05 to 150 Hz, within -3 dB to +0.5 dB
Time Constant: 3.2 sec. or more
Filter: Digital filter for hum noise, drift (weak/normal), muscle (35/25 Hz)
A/D Conversion: 12 bit (4.88 μV/digit)
Sampling Rate: 10000 samples/sec.
System Display: 5.7-inch STN liquid crystal monochrome display with backlight, 320 × 240 dots
ECG Display: 4/12-Lead
<Built-in Thermal Printer>
Recording Type: Thermal Array (8 dot/mm)
Recording Sensitivity: 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mm/mV, Auto selection
Recording Speed: 5, 10, 12.5, 25, 50 mm/sec
ECG Paper: Roll paper (80 mm in width)
Safety: Class I, Type CF
Water Proof Protection: Non water proof device (IPXO)
Flammable Anesthetic Gas Protection: Not applicable
Mode of Operation: Continuous operation
<Power Supply>
Rated Power Supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, 90 VA
Rechargeable Battery: 12 VDC, Nickel-Metal Hydride battery
Dimension: 266 mm (W) × 173 mm (D) × 75 mm (H)
Weight: Approx. 1.5 kg (including the rechargeable battery)
<Operating Conditions>
Temperature: 10 to 40°C
Humidity: 25 to 95% RH (Without dew condensation)
Pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa
<Transport and Storage Conditions>
Temperature: -10 to 60°C
Humidity: 25 to 95% RH (Without dew condensation)
Pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa
<Communication Port>
LAN port: IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX × 1
USB port: 1 (USB 2.0 compatible)

Standard Accessories

1 x Mains Cable
1 x Power supply unit
4 x Limb Electrodes
6 x Chest Electrodes
1 x Patient Cable
1 x ECG cream
1 x Paper Roll
1 x Paper Spool
1 x CD with operation manual and physicians criteria guide 


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