Spinal Mouse® MED PRO, Spine Assessment Tool

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Spinal Mouse MED PRO is a computer aided mechanical tool for the assessment of spinal shape and mobility.

This compact device determines spinal shape in frontal and sagittal plane and the mobility of each spinal section by gliding the device manually down the back. According to the superficial shape, an intelligent recursive algorithm computes information concerning the relative position of the vertebral bodies of the thoracic and lumbar spine, while taking into account the local curvature (kyphotic or lordotic). An accurate segmental localization of all vertebral bodies as the projection of their midpoints on the superficial contour of the back is obtained as final result.

The SpinalMouse MED PRO offers precise data on spinal column geometry with high grate of validity compared with X-ray films. Thus, it can be used during the course of a treatment repeatedly without exposure to any radiation. Additionally, the use of simple and easy to understand graphics give the ability to inform the patient while with repeated measurement can illustrate the progress of the treatment.

Spinal Medi Mouse is typically used in the following fields:
- Physiotherapy and rehabilitation training
- Manual therapy and chiropractics
- Orthopedics
- Rheumatology
- Neurology
- Preventive medicine
- Health care at school and at work
- Ergonomics, Occupational medicine
- Osteopathy
- Health, fitness and wellness centers


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