Mobility Evaluation

Mobee fit, Mobility Evaluation System

CODE: SPM-0010

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Mobibee fit, is an innovative system for assessment of a person's mobility. The system consists of a high presision wireless sensor, that allows accurate... More

Spinal Mouse® MED PRO, Spine Assessment Tool

CODE: LUK-0020

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Spinal Mouse MED PRO is a computer aided mechanical tool for the assessment of spinal shape and mobility. This compact device determines spinal shape in... More

Mobee med, Diagnostic System for ROM Assesment

CODE: SPM-0020

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mobee med, is an innovative diagnostic system for the precise assessment of the mobility and the range of motion of the joints. The systems consist of a... More

Mobee med & fit, Combined System for ROM and Mobility Assesment

CODE: SPM-0030

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Mobee med & fit, is complete combined system, consisting of one wireless sensor in conjustion with mobee med and mobee fit software. It offers the... More


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