PHYSIOLED THERMA. Non invasive, Resistive and Capacitive Therapy device.
  • PHYSIOLED THERMA. Non invasive, Resistive and Capacitive Therapy device.
  • Therma TECAR unit, front view.
  • Resistive and Capacitive treatment, for bone tissue and soft tissue therapy respectively.
  • The applicator of the THERMA unit. Three choices of angle position for the applicator electrodes.
  • Set of resistive heads (electrodes)
  • Set of capacitive heads (electrodes)
  • The home screen of the Physioled THERMA therapy unit.
  • The treatment screen options of the THERMA TECAR device.



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THERMA is a new device for Theraupetic Resistive and Capacitive Diathermal non invasive treatment.
It is intended to generate, with the best effectiveness and without pain, endogenous hyperemia for draining and stimulate blood circulation in all the different cellular layers for lymphatic drainage, anti-inflammation effects, circulation improvement and pain reduction. It stimulates the natural and physiological body reaction to the pathology and accelerates reparative processes. Thanks to the special applicators it is able to deliver the proper energy into the different cellular layers.

Theraupetic Resistive and Capacitve Diathermal treatment is the recent and more effective approach in diathermy treatment for all the professional operators, who are looking for something more than a traditional diathermy unit (such as microwaves or shortwaves).

Theraupetic Resistive and Capacitve Diathermal is the technological and therapeutic evolution providing versatility, effectiveness, therapeutic benefits that are hardly to achieve with the traditional diathermy devices. The treatment is like a massage during which it is possible to deliver energy to the patient who feels a comfortable warm.

The Physioled THERMA unit can be controled through the color touch screen, or the front panel buttons and encoder key.
Preset protocols are available, but the user can store their own programs. A USB port allows future updates to the device.


- Maximum Power: 150 W / 250 VA
- Working frequencies: 500 kHz / 1 MHz
- Operative modes: Resistive / Capacitive
- Power Steps: 1 until 10, 5 over 10
- Action/Pause Time: 3-10 seconds / 0-10 seconds
- Treatment Time: 1-60 min

- Power supply: 90-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
- Electrical input power: 300 VA
- Electric Safety class: I BF

- Dimensions (HxWxD): 17x31.5x39 cm
- Weight: 5kg

Standard accessories:
- Applicator for THERMA
- Set of Applicator Resistive and Capacitive Heads (diameter 24/48/60 mm)
- Steel Neutral electrode with cable 3m
- Power supply cable


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