Baby/Toddler Scales

ADE MZ10031, Transport Case for M101000 Baby Scale


38.44 (31.00 + tax)
In stock
Characteristics: -Outside material: 100% Polyester -Inside material: 100% Nylon -Suitable for M101000 Baby Scale Specifications: -Dimensions: 570... More

ADE MZ10030, Transport Case for M112600 and M108800 Baby Scale


38.44 (31.00 + tax)
Characteristics: -Outside material: 100% Polyester -Inside material: 100% Nylon -Suitable for Baby Scales Specifications: -Dimensions: 600 x 380... More

ADE M111600, Electronic Hanging Baby Scale with Ambient Thermometer and Lenght Tape

CODE: ADE-M111600

47.12 (38.00 + tax)
Characteristics: -Large LCD, 15mm -Weight unit selectable, kg/lbs/oz -Automatic zero setting and switch off -Tare function -Low battery indication... More

ADE M108800, Mechanical Baby Scale with Automatic Graduation Swift

CODE: ADE-M108800

57.04 (46.00 + tax)
In stock
Characteristics: -Removable baby tray -Manual zero adjustment -Tare function -Double indicator system with automatic graduation swift Specifications:... More

ADE M119600, Electronic Baby Scale Bebea

CODE: ADE-M119600

91.39 (73.70 + tax)
Characteristics: -Large LCD -Clear 4-button operation -Tare and hold function -Weight unit kg/lbs, selectable -Automatic zero setting -Low battery... More

ADE M112600, Electronic Baby Scale with Extra Large Embodied Tray

CODE: ADE-M112600

110.36 (89.00 + tax)
In stock
Characteristics: -Large LCD, 30mm -Weight unit selectable, kg/lbs -Tare and multiple tare function -Memory function -Automatic shut off -Power supply:... More

ADE M114600, Electronic Baby/Toddler Scale with Percentile Growth Function

CODE: ADE-M114600

212.04 (171.00 + tax)
In stock
Characteristics: -Large LCD, 25mm -Removable plastic tray to allow toddler weighing -Clear 4-button operation -Tare and hold function -Weight unit kg/lbs,... More

ADE M116800, Mechanical Sliding Weight Baby Scale with 16kg Capacity

CODE: ADE-M116800

246.76 (199.00 + tax)
Characteristics: -Solid and robust ABS plastic housing -Large metal baby tray -Easy to read clear weight indicator  -Transport locking -Heavy duty... More

ADE M101000, Electronic Baby/Toddler Scale, Class III Approved

CODE: ADE-M101000

520.80 (420.00 + tax)
Characteristics: -Large LCD, 25mm -Removable baby tray -Automatic zero and function test -Tare and hold function -Power supply: Batteries and mains... More


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