Shockwave Therapy in Musculoskeletal @ Athens+Thessaloniki - 26+27.10.2019


Focused shockwaves are the only medical technology that allows the penetration of mechanical pulses inside the body with high precision, with adjustable penetration depth and completely non-invasive. The unsurapassable piezo-electric technology of producing shockwaves, backed-up with strong literature and excellent reports from thousand users worldwide, offers new frontiers with new therapeutic protocols. The applications specialist Miriam Mayer with degress in physical therapy and other therapeutic techniques will share her knowledge and experience in the use of ESWT with PiezoWave2.


Who is this for?

- Physiotherapists

- Physical Therapy MDs

- Orthopedics

- Relevant specialties


Key Topics

- Approved indications

- Clinicaly approved indications

- Research applications

- Combination with other therapeutic techniques


What you will gain

- Introduction to focused shockwaves for entry users

- New therapeutic protocols for trained users

- Training in combination therapeutic protocols


Dates: Saturday 26.10.2019 Athens / Sunday 27.10.2019 Thessaloniki 
Time: 9:00 - 17:00
Venues: Athenaim Grand Hotel 142 Syngrou Avenue 17671 Kallithea Athens / ST TSIMPOS training center Konstantinoypoleos 94Str. 54642 Thessaloniki
Phone: 2310888630, 2109750493
Email: info@eshopmed.com
Instructor: Miriam Mayer
Language: English with Greek translation


Application for Interest to Participate

Please fill the form here to apply for a place at the seminar.

Caution: The sending of the form does not mean that you have registered to the seminar. We will send you an email either accepting or declining your participation.

Admission cost: Free. A deposit of 50euros will be required, to the bank account that we will send you in the case of an acceptance participation email. This amount will be returned to the participants during the seminar.


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