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Date added: 06/08/2016 Summer holidays until 22.08.2016

Dear friends,

our electronic shop will remain closed for summer holidays until 22.08.2016.

For urgent needs, please send us an email at info@eshopmed.com.

The Eshopmed Team

Date added: 15/01/2014 New dealership of Kinesio Taping

Our company has become the official dealer for the products of the KINESIO TAPING ASSOCIATION www.kinesiotaping.com
This association was established in 1984 from the founder of the Kinesio technique Dr.Kenzo Kase.
Besides of the top quality of its authentic tapes that cannot be compared to any other, we offer also books and other accessories.

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Date added: 20/12/2013 New commercial agreements for cardiological equipment with Suzuken-Kenz and Cardioline

We are very proud to announce you the official dealership of Suzuken-Kenz Japan and Cardioline Italy for cardiological diagnostic equipment.
These two brands are worldwide recognised as top manufactures by providing high quality products of the latest technology. 


Date added: 15/12/2013 2 new installations of DOC - Decompression of Choice

Two new therapy centers have chosen DOC as their system of preference for spinal decompression therapy. DOC offers therapy for indications of spinal disks like degenerated disk, bulging disk, harnieted disk (protruded-extruded-sequestraded), thinning disk, spinal stenosis, facets problems and tighten spinal muscles.
Our company is a market leader having installed 11 systems in Greece and Cyprus.

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Date added: 10/11/2013 The new APOLLO laser is here!!

The Apollo Laser has arrived to the market. The Apollo is a therapeutic laser of Class 4, manufactured in the USA. But it is not only that. It is the MOST POWERFUL COLD LASER in the world.
Meet the possibilities of this unique device by arranging a presentation with our company or get in contact with therapeutic centers that are using it with great success.

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Date added: 21/06/2013 Flexible financial solutions for equipment leasing

We provide integrated leasing solutions with favorable terms that gives the customer the possibility to lease the equipment of his choice and the possibility to buy it off at the end of the leasing.

For more info, contact us >>


Date added: 10/03/2013 Piezowave 2!!! The new therapy system for Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Richard Wolf innovates again with the new Piezowave II.
What the PZ2 has to offer: enhanced design, operation through tablets' app, choice of different therapy sources with plug&play technology, therapy sources of double-layer technology.
The most important feature is the new Linear Focus Therapy Source FBL10x5G2 which is the only therapy source that can focus the shockwaves on a line. The FBL10x5G2 broadens the indications of ESWT and offers impressive results in the areas of Wound Therapy, Dermatology, Cellulite, Erectile Dysfunction (Peyronie - induration penis plastica), Prostatitis and Cardiology.

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