Body Composition/ Fat Analyzers

Sensor Pads for Gima BT-905 Body Analyzer, Box of 20

CODE: GIMA-27323

17.96 (14.48 + tax)
Replacement Sensor pads for Body Fat Analyzer, Gima BT-905 - Box of 20. - Each sensor can be reused 5-6 times. More

Body Fat Monitor, Handheld Portable Monitor for Private Use

CODE: GIMA-27348

40.32 (32.52 + tax)
Portable and convenient body fat monitor for private use. Characteristics: -Body fat ratio function  -BMI function -Calorie calculation function... More

Gima BT-905, Body Fat Analyzer with Carrying Case

CODE: GIMA-27322

443.59 (357.73 + tax)
GIMA Body Fat Analyzer measures the flow of electrical signals (total body electrical resistance or impedance) as they pass through fat, lean (muscle,... More


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