PR-04 Large incontinence treatment probe
  • PR-04 Large incontinence treatment probe
  • PR04 Large probe

PR04 Large Vaginal Probe 10cm x 2cm


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RehabMedic Large vaginal electrode for treatment of the urinary incontinence and sexual or coloproctologic problems

An ideal probe, suitable for electrical muscle stimulation and biofeedback (STIM & EMG) devices. Simple yet effective, the probe has dual-ring electrodes, that are designed to effectively target different areas of the pelvic floor for the most effective workout. The probe has a long-length design with built in "tail", making it easy to remove and its smooth tampon shape makes it comfortable and easy to insert.

- Classic, dual electrode, vaginal probe
- Smooth tampon shape for easy insertion and comfort
- Longer length design
- With long tail for easy removal
- Durable and body-safe ABS plastic

Length: 100 mm
Diameter: 20 mm


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