Hydrogel pads that soothe, cool and protect the skin. In sealed packaging that closes airtight.

Hydrogel Squares 2.5x2.5cm - 200 units


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RehabMedic Squares, hydrating hydrogel dressings for rapid skin healing

The RehabMedic Hydrogel Squares, help protect the skin from pressure, friction, chafing and blisters.

- Prevent blisters.
- Refreshing relief in the case of bites and scratches.
- Latex free.
- Non sterile.

- Purified water, more than 80%
- Polyethylene oxide 4%.

Remove the blue protection and apply the gel on the skin.
Reinforce with elastic adhesive bandage or gauze.
If skin is dry, moisten with clean water.
Easy to remove. Change daily.

Contents: 200 hydrogel squares (2.5x2.5cm)


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