ECG Holters

clickholter CARDIOLINE® ECG 3-Channels 24/48h Holter + Cubeholter Software

CODE: CL0100

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clickholter  is a portable ECG signal recorder (Holter) able to save data without the need for removable media. The data is rapidly and safely... More

walk400h CARDIOLINE® ECG 3/12-Channels 7days Holter + Cubeholter Software

CODE: CL0130

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walk400h  is a latest generation holter recorder able to acquire and memorise from 3 to 12 ECG channels, compatible with the cubeholter software.... More

Suzuken Kenz Cardy Analyzer 05 system, 48h ECG Holter System with Waterproof Recorder and Powerful Software


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In stock
Kenz Cardy Analyzer 05 is a complete 3 channel ECG Holter system with ability of 48 recording. It consists of Cardy 302 MAX, one of the smallest and... More

HOLTER5000 ECG Holter with Recorder and Analysis Software 12-Channels


1,600.00 (1,290.32 + tax)
Description ECG holter for 24-hour recording of 12 ECG channels. Includes one of the smallest and lighter recorders of the market with modern design... More

HOLTER6000 ECG Holter with 48hour Recorder and Analysis Software 12-Channels


1,700.00 (1,370.97 + tax)
In stock
Holter TLC6000 Dynamic ECG Systems is one of the smallest and lighter recorders with powerful analysis software. The recorder is an easy to use device,... More

PG 8 Plus, ECG Holter with Recorder and Advanced Analysis Software, Availiable in 3- and 12-Channels


6,014.00 (4,850.00 + tax)
24 to 72 hours recording ECG Holter system with small, lightweigth recorder (68x53x16mm, 42gr) and advanced analysis softwre designed for Windows Platform... More


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