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Date added: 10/03/2013 Piezowave 2!!! The new therapy system for Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Richard Wolf innovates again with the new Piezowave II.
What the PZ2 has to offer: enhanced design, operation through tablets' app, choice of different therapy sources with plug&play technology, therapy sources of double-layer technology.
The most important feature is the new Linear Focus Therapy Source FBL10x5G2 which is the only therapy source that can focus the shockwaves on a line. The FBL10x5G2 broadens the indications of ESWT and offers impressive results in the areas of Wound Therapy, Dermatology, Cellulite, Erectile Dysfunction (Peyronie - induration penis plastica), Prostatitis and Cardiology.

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