IONOSON-Basic (battery)

IONOSON-Basic (battery) 2-channel electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy unit

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The portable combination unit with wide selection of low-frequency and medium-frequency currents as well as 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound

Stimulation current:
- 2 independent channels with provision for setting individual intensities
- 2 independent timers
- Automatic current switch-off (separately for both channels)

Medium-frequency currents:
- IFM (interferential modulation)
- AMF (bipolar medium-frequency current)
- KOTS (Russian stimulation)

Low-frequency currents:
- G (galvanic current)
- GMC (galvanic microcurrent)
- DF, MF, CP, LP (diadynamic currents)
- UR (Traebert)
- HV
- MENS (nerve-stimulation with microcurrent)
- IG30
- IG50
- FM
- FaS (faradic current)
- T/R (exponential current)

- Two frequencies (1 and 3MHz)
- Continuous and pulsed mode (4 duty cycles)
- Optical and acoustical coupling control
- The ergonomic, watertight transducers with biocompatible titanium contact surface offer the highest possible safety for ultrasound output and prevent allergic reactions 

LCD Comfort Display (illuminated blue) for good visibility

Easy one-button operation for extremely user friendly operation

Extensive indications-index with treatment proposals

25 individual program memories

Potpourris (current sequence)

Simultaneous therapy

Solid metal housing

Protective handle

Battery-operated unit


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