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DFM Inversion Therapy


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Experience the versatility of the DFM - Traction, Decompression and Functional Movement Inversion Table specifically designed for Medical Health Professionals

Maximizing function in a small space, the DFM is an effective therapeutic tool for any clinic. Patients may rest prone or supine while inverted, allowing for treatments at varied angles. Adjustable features ensure user comfort while the easily accessible push-button control allows for supervised or unassisted inversion sessions.

DFM features:
- Removable face cut-out provides comfortable treatment in the face-down position, allowing access to the patients back for adjustment, massage and other treatment modalities
- Adjustable forearm rests move for depth and length to achieve proper positioning and comfort
- Adjustable knee bolsters provide knee flexion when supine and support the legs when prone
- Kick-stand on table bed offers additional support to hold the table stable during chiropractic adjustments
- Knee-high easy reach ankle closure opens with the simple push of an ergonomically shaped handle, assisting patients with limited mobility. To ensure user security, the weighted handle design closes automatically upon table rotation should this vital step be overlooked. The gravity lock ankle clamp system is constructed from aerospace-grade stanless steel parts to prevent any accidental opening of the clamps during inversion
- Durable UL-Listed motor with push-button control enables smooth and accurate rotation to any angle. Interlocking gears in the motor enable bed stabilization at any angle for hassle-free treatment
- Push-button control eliminates individual adjustments
- High grade, dense decompression foam supports optimum bodyslide
- Top quality powder coated robust square steel frame
- Durable instructional plates feature detailed instructions for inverted stretching and exercise
- Manual pin-ankle closure with curved ankle support foam for comfort and security


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