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Deep Oscillation Personal Aesthetics Innovative Therapy Method


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Safe, pleasant and highly efficient aesthetic procedures with anti-aging effects and for cellulite. Faster recovery after plastic surgery, laser re-surfacing and other invasive methods of aesthetic medicine.

Deep Oscillation Personal Aesthetics was designed for individual, mobile use. Battery operation and a handy size guarantee flexible use, both on the road and at home. A generous graphic display, together with the single button operation, guarantee very easy program selection and a good overview.

The AESTHETICS therapy card provides pre-programmed treatments for all relevant applications in aesthetics medicine as well as informative therapy notes and graphics for treatment.

For the treatment, the patient holds a titanium contact electrode loosely between fingers. The pleasant therapy effect of Deep Oscillation is created beneath the hand applicator, which is moved in a circular motion above the tissue.

Individual therapy parameters pre-programmed with Deep Oscillation Evident can be called up with Deep Oscillation Personal. This enables individualized, mobile therapy on the ward using Deep Oscillation Personal. The patient can also continue treatment according to your specifications while treating themselves at home. This way you can guarantee the sustainability of your treatments until the next appointment in the clinic or treatment room.

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