Cybex 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer
  • Cybex 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer
  • The Standard Display, the CardioTouch screen and other controls of the 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer.
  • The 15.6" optional E3 View HD monitor on the 770AT.
  • The 3 viewing modes of the E3 display: 1) full screen exercise parameters, 2) video with exercise data, 3) full screen video.
  • Cybex Arc Trainers have easy forward access.
  • CYBEX 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer
  • CYBEX 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer
  • CYBEX 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer
  • CYBEX 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer

CYBEX 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer


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770AT Total Body Arc Trainer

770AT is a commercial high end cross trainer designed for the total body. It was created for the most demanding fitness users in the most demanding gym environment. The versatility of the Cybex 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer also makes it the best workout of choice for beginning cross trainers, which allows the fitness center owner to purchase one unit to be used by all.

The Arc Trainer® burns up to 16% more calories than competing ellipticals or crosstrainers. It reduces knee strain by 83% and improves muscular endurance by 38%, according to an independent study at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

(This video illustrates the function of all Cybex Arc Trainers. Some of the information displayed, may vary between different models)

Research shows that the Cybex Arc Trainer burns more calories than any other cross trainer or elliptical cross trainer tested. The science behind the Arc Trainer’s big calorie burn is the Arc motion. It engages the right muscles – quads and glutes – that demand lots of energy from the body when they are called upon to work. That means big calorie burn, more results in less time. Because the Arc Trainer is demanding of the muscles, not the joints, it can be used longer without putting a strain on the knees, hip or back.

The Cybex Arc Trainer offers broad incline and resistance ranges which mean it is really 3 machines in one. At the lower incline levels, the “glide” is a cross country skier. In the mid-range levels, the motion is a “stride” (like an elliptical except with proper positioning). At the high levels, the “climb” of a stepper or climber. Glide, Stride, and Climb. There are lots of programs that also make the Arc Trainer fun to use, training for strength, power, endurance, cardio, and weight loss.

Unlike other cross trainers and ellipticals on the market, the patented Arc pattern of motion allows the hip and knee to move synchronously while the foot stays under the knee reducing joint pains and providing a more comfortable workout.

Features and Specifications

- Innovative Muscle Map™ displays the intensity of the exercise for individual muscle groups based on the users selection of stride rate, resistance and incline to aid them in precisely targeted results.
- Load dependent: the resistance is scaled to the user's weight, for the perfect workout, and only Cybex has it.
- Reverse Arc Movement: the unique patented Reverse Arc motion, that moves legs in a biomechanically correct pathway, reducing stress at the knee
- Same Side Forward (SSF) handles ensure proper posture, eliminating stress on the back
- Glide, Stride, and Climb exercize Zones
- Long Input Arms with a more linear path for better upper body workout and good posture
- Forward outboard handles on arms, allow to push harder with upper body while opposing lower body muscles are engaged resulting in more muscles working at once
- Easy forward access

- Resistance Range: Up to 900 Watts at 180 SPM
- Incline: 21 levels to target various muscle groups
- Workouts: More than 10, controlling both incline and resistance: Quick Start (Manual Mode), 2 Weight Loss, 3 Strength, 2 Shaping, and 3 Cardio including Heart Rate Control, as well as 2 Power workouts that include Constant Power and the Arc Trainers unique Adaptive Power mode.
- Stride Length: 61cm (24")
- Max User Weight: 182 kg (400 lbs)

- Two-stage drive type and Brushless Eddy current brake with generator
- Dimensions (L × W × H) 193×94×159 cm (76"×37"×62.5")
- Machine Weight : 183 kg (404 lbs)
- Power: AC Powered: 115V, 208-220V, 230V

- Heart Rate Monitoring: Wireless and Contact Grips. The HR light indicator is multi colored with different color light for specific target heart rate zones
- Charging USB port: supports charging small, USB-chargeable devices
- Connectivity: CSAFE (Fitlinxx® Level 1)
- Convenience Features : Split level display with magazine rack. Water bottle holder, dual utility tray, and adjustable fan.

- Compliance: ETL listed to UL 1647, FCC Class B, ASTM, EN 957 and CSA, CE Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS Directives
- 10 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Canadian English)
- Warranty: 3 years.

- 770AT Standard Display :
The CardioTouch™ touch screen display offers a single command center for every exercise program and entertainment control.
   - CardioTouch™ display: 4.3" Touchscreen for workout and entertainment setup and control
   - Graphic display of workout profile via 8 × 15 LED matrix.
   - Numeric display of time distance, calories, calories/hour, METs, Watts, strides per minute and heart rate including multi-color indication of heart rate range
   - Lower display shows incline and resistance level
   - iPod/iPhone integration (comes standard on 700 Cardio Series).
   - Dedicated AV controls at users’ fingertips
   - Two speed fan with adjustable venting to keep the user cool.

- Optional E3 View HD monitor :
Everyone approaches exercise differently. Some want every detail of their workout, some would like to add entertainment, and others simply want to escape. The E3 View is an embedded 15.6'' HD monitor screen, with 3 viewing modes:
-Exercise:  This view provides a clean and complete look at exercise data.
-Entertainment:  Users can watch video from TV, iPod, or iPhone while keeping tabs on their exercise data.
-Escape:  Fills the screen with video from TV, iPod, or iPhone.

E3 Display Details:
   - Screen Type: LCD
   - Screen Size: 15.6” (42.16 cm)
   - Aspect Ratio: 16:9
   - Resolution: 1366 x 768
   - Brightness: 300 Nits (typical)
   - Contrast Ratio: 500:1
   - Displayable Colors: 16.7M
   - Response Time: 8ms (typical)
   - Display Modes: Full screen, video with exercise data, full screen exercise data, blank
   - Closed Captioning: CC1, CC2, Text1, Text2
   - IPod/iPhone Video Display: Yes

The E3 View does not replace the 770 CardioTouch™ screen of the console.

Other Optional features
- Choice of seven standard frame colors as well as premium and exclusive colors.
- AV/Ent. : MYE wireless audio receiver
- AC Adaptor : AC adapted option provides full time display lighting for E3 view.
- Optional Cybex GO (only in North America).

Not all cross trainers are created equal.
Cross training refers to working various parts of the body by combining different exercises in a variety of ways. Typically one activity or sport trains certain parts of the body but not others. Cross training aims to eliminate this. Cross trainers are generally non-impact machines – sometimes called “ellipticals” – which refers to a specific motion. All ellipticals are cross trainers but not all cross trainers are ellipticals.

(Video: Arc Trainer - The science behind the performance)


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