BME0060, needle stimulator and acupuncture point detector
  • BME0060, needle stimulator and acupuncture point detector
  • BME0060 acupuncture unit accessories

BME0060, 6 Channel Needle Stimulator and Acupuncture Point Detector


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BME0060 is designed especially for today’s acupuncture market. It combines traditional acupuncturology, output channel managment and the secure assistant of microcomputer technology. Its large LCD display and user interface make it simple to operate. One of the basic advantages of the unit is that, the output intensity of every channel can be adjusted individually. BME0060 is ideal for conditions such as arthritis, back neuralgic pain, lower back pain, sciatica and scapulohumeral periarthritis.

Special advantages:
- Modern design with large backlight LCD display
- Function for finding acupuncture points
- 6 individual output channels
- Output is adjusted by the user and controlled by microcontroller
- Ability to select between 8 output waveforms or combinations of them.
- Frequency, Pulse duration, Timer and Intensity parameters can be adjusted by the user
- The treatment parameters are automatically or manually stored in the device, up to maximum 80 sets
- Special design for the safety of operator and patients

Technical specification:
Pulse waveform: symmetrical bi-phasic rectangular pulse
Pulse channel: 6 channels
Output mode: 2 group (G1:channels 1,2,3 / G2:channels 4,5,6)
Frequency: 1-500Hz
Pulse rate: 50-300μs
Pulse intensity: 0-20mA (at 1000ohm load)
Treatment time: 10-90min
Electroacupunture output current: 20mA peak (1000Ω load)
Output modes: Constant, Burst, Surge, Fast+Slow, Sweep, and combinations
Power supply: Adaptor 15V/1A, or 4x LR14 1.5V batteries
Dimensions: 250x185x82mm
Weight: about 800g (without batteries)
Safety class: Type BF

Standard accessories:
1 x Search probe
6 x Acupunture cables with clips (6 colors)
6 x Electrode cables
3 x Electrode packs
1 x Power supply unit
1 x Acupuncture points map
1 x Operation manual


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