26.11.2016 Thessaloniki & 27.11.2016 Athens Seminar on Shockwaves

Seminar topic: General Indications of Shockwave Therapy and Myofascial Pain - Basic Training and Evolvements

Organizer: ST.TSIMPOS

Dates and Venues:

Saturday, 26.11.2016, 9:00-17:00
Thessaloniki, 94 Konstantinoupoleos Str, 54642
Seminar Hall ST.TSIMPOS

Sunday, 27.11.2016, 9:00-17:00
Athens, 5 Agiou Dimitriou Avenue & Mpoumpoulinas (opposite Dafni Metro Station), 17343
Seminar Hall ST.TSIMPOS


This year's training seminars on shockwave therapy with the Piezowave units from Richard Wolf will be organized in our company's venue's in Athens and Thessaloniki in the above mentioned dates.

The seminars will be conducted by the application specialist of Richard Wolf, Dr. med. Hannes Mueller-Ehernberg (MD), who is an Orhtopedics Medical Doctor, President of the German Society of Myofascial Pain.

The content of the presentations and the workshops will refer to the classical indications of shockwave therapy like tendonitis, calcific deposits, pseudarthrosis, to the Myofascial Pain Syndrome and to the latest medical evolvements regarding ESWT therapy.

Application for Interest to Participate

Please fill the form here to apply for a place at the seminars.

Caution: The sending of the form does not mean that you have registered to the seminar. We will send you an email either accepting or declining your participation until 13.11.2016.

Admission cost: Free. A deposit of 20euros will be required, to the bank account that we will send you in the case of an acceptance participation email. This amount will be returned to the participants during the seminar.

Language: English and Greek translation

More information:
Athens: 2109750493
Thessaloniki: 2310888630
Email: info@eshopmed.com


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